How 'Stranger Things' is setting streetwear trends

Posted on 10 November 2017

How 'Stranger Things' is setting streetwear trends | Poetic Gangster

The cult classic series 'Stranger Things' is getting streetwear fans excited! Set in 1983, the science fiction horror series has taken the world by storm. Part Goonies, E.T, Poltergeist and Stand By Me, it is a must watch for every Netflix fan.

But it's not just the clever plot with it twists and turns that has caught everyone's attention. It's the outfits and clothes from the eighties that has caught peoples eye. Yes, I know 80's! Before you roll your eyes, it's not over the top 80's and spiky hair, it all seems rather real and believable. The 80's fashion and streetwear has a geeky coolness that has grabbed everyone's attention. 

The lovable and cute Dustin from Stranger Things has been pictured wearing a brontosaurus hoodie from the Science Museum of Minnesota. The hoodie was originally sold in the 1980's which the museum re-released. It then made the website crash with a reported 80,000 fans trying to get their hands on the dinosaur hoodie. 


How 'Stranger Things' is setting streetwear trends | Poetic Gangster

 It's not the first time popular culture has influenced streetwear trends. There's been Kylie Jenner and her infamous Biggie t-shirts, Madonna's lace gloves which were a hit in the 80's and Tommy Hilfiger over-sized sweaters worn by rappers in the 90's. 

Why the 'Stranger Things' kids?

The kids from Stranger Things are adorable, relatable and geeky which makes them even more lovable. And have you noticed everything that's old is now new again? yep, revenge of the nerds is back literally.  Just look at the floral patterns that have come back in fashion, it does look rather 80's. 


So if you're after Dustin's hoodie buy here from the Science Museum of Minnesota


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