The Award For The Best Hoodie Goes To...

Posted on 18 October 2017

The Award For Best Hoodie Goes To | Poetic Gangster

A classic hoodie is an essential part of every streetwear wardrobe. The cooler months don't need to be cold and dull. The colder it seems to be the more options streetwear fanatics have. So, the Poetic Gangster team have voted and we've been watching all your activity on our store and we have come to the following conclusion.

The award for the best hoodie goes to our new Red Caesar Hoodie. Check it out below.



The team are excited to present our favorite piece from The Roman Collection, The Red Caesar Hoodie. Our research showed streetwear fans are loving red and black and so we delivered. Our hoodies come fully loaded with a pocket and double lined for your comfort and did we mention there's free shipping on all orders over $100! 

So if your still deciding what to purchase this fall/winter there is no other hoodie to consider. 

Shop our collections and stock on streetwear t-shirts and essentials. 


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