4 Ways you can build your confidence

Posted on 11 June 2017

4 Ways you can build your confidence | Poetic Gangster


Confident is the key to a positive and successful life. Confident people take life by he horns. They respect themselves and high standards. Which is why confidence is the foundation of a happy life. Here's 8 ways to build confidence in yourself and life:



1. Take responsibility
It's time to be your own boss and captain of your destiny. wither you want to go forward or remain stuck. Take full responsibility of internal self and what you show the world on the outside. It's your time to shine. 


2. Take pride in your appearance
Put on your snapback, tee and sneakers and wear them proud. Change up your style and wear whatever you want. You're unique and you have to be yourself because everyone else is taken.


3. Be proud of yourself
Seriously, look at how far you've come in your life. All the challenges you've overcome. Things you've learned. It's time to proud of your achievements no matter how small you think you think they are. 


4. Be positive
Kill those negative thoughts with positive ones. Think back to all the achievements you have done in your life. Adjust your mindset and your body language and confidence will start growing by the day.


Life is full of challenges. They key is to be constantly be building your confidence 

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