5 Strength Training Tips You Need To Know

Posted on 06 August 2017

5 Strength Training Tips You Need To Know | Poetic Gangster

There's no doubt looking strong is the new fitness trend. Instagram stars are showing off their taught and toned arms and stomachs. If you're feeling like you don't compare and, well a little flabby, never fear because we've got Five Strength Training Tips everyone needs know. 


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1. The more you move the better

Strength training is not just about lifting weights. The more you move with equipment or your body as resistance, the more the muscles will work. By using movement you don't isolate the muscles and get a more all over muscle workout. Squats and bench presses work best. 

Check this video out:


2. Resistance is your friend 

It's not all about weights and equipment. Using your body as resistance will build strength too. And lets face it we cant always go to the gym and what better equipment to use than your body. Push ups are a great way to build strength with your own body as resistance. 


5 Strength Training Tips You Need To Know | Poetic Gangster


3. Rest up

It's important to not only take breaks between exercises but also have a day off where you're not training. Give your body a rest and time to recharge up. Remember muscle takes time to build and your body is working all the time even when your sleeping so give it a rest. 


4. Consistency 

Any type of exercise will be a waste time if you're not consistent so work on a plan and a program and commit to it. Muscles atrophies which means if you don't use them regularly they go to jelly so keep up the good work and be consistent. 


5. Protein 

Once you start strength training the first thing you'll notice is how much hungrier you are. Protein is the building blocks of muscle growth and the great thing about protein is that it fills you up much faster than carbohydrates or fruit and veg. So find a lean protein you like and stock up. 


Being strong and empowered is an amazing reward when you start strength training so start training today.


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