6 Facts you never knew about Hip Hop Breakdancing

Posted on 21 July 2017

6 Facts you never knew about Hip Hop Breakdancing | Poetic Gangster
This awesome video made especially for Poetic Gangster shows breakdancing at it's finest. Plus here are some fun facts you never knew about breakdancing.


 Where did breakdancing come from?

Breakdancing is a style of dance came from Puerto Rico and African American's mainly from New York inthe 1970's. Breakdancing also goes by the name b-boying, b-girling and breaking. The dance moves are also a combinations of kung-fu and gymnastics. 


What are the 4 elements of breaking

Breakdancing is a kind of dance that combines strength, momentum, balance and creativity.


Why Hip Hop Culture?

Breakdancing has been a part of hip hop culture from the early stages of rap and hip hop music as it was developed by the young African Americans on the streets.  


 How many videos are there on YouTube?

 There are 3,300,000 breakdancing videos on YouTube.


What is a breakdance battle?

A competition between dancers where a dance off is performed and a winner chosen usually by a crowd or set of judges. 


Who are the top breakdancing artists?



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