6 signs you need to shake up your workout routine

Posted on 04 July 2017

six signs you need to shake up your workout routine | Poetic Gangster

Routines make exercising second nature. Our habits dictate our success but what if our workout routines no longer challenge our bodies? It's easy to fall into the same routine and not notice the effects. Experts believe you need to change your exercise routine every 6-8 weeks.

If you're still questioning if you need a change at all, here are 6 signs you need to shake things up.


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1.You're bored

An obvious feeling may not be that obvious. It's often easy to just keep going with what we're use to rather than change. Feeling indecisive or like you could take it or leave it about your exercise regime could be a sign of boredom and time to shake things up. 


2. The workout is easy

When things get easy we often feel like we've mastered our craft and there's nothing more to do. This is a trap. Your workouts should be challenging and if they're not our results stagnate and fitness levels can go backwards. Make your workout extra hard next time you're exercising. 


3. Your inner circle start dropping hints

Life tends to be busy and sometimes we don't notice subtle changes with our bodies and minds. But if your family or partners start dropping hints that you've been looking a little rounder than usual or our anxiety levels seem rather high lately. Then it might be time to push yourself that little bit harder next time at the gym.

 six signs you need to shake up your workout routine | Poetic Gangster

4. You're not as flexible

Stiffness of the body is a tell tale sign your body hasn't reached it's potential. Lethargy is a sign your routine is not challenging enough for the body. Or maybe your not stretching like you use to? If you feel stiffness its time to get lumber and start stretching. 


5. You're skipping workouts 

If you're constantly coming up with excuses to not go to the gym or go for that run, it's definitively time to try something new. Exercise shouldn't feel like a chore so it's important to find the right type for you and one that you enjoy. 

 six signs you need to shake up your workout routine | Poetic Gangster

6. You've hit a plateau 

Hitting a plateau is the number one sign you need a reboot. When your results stagnate its time to get down and dirty in the gym. Start a new class, get a trainer or try a new circuit. The only way to get over a plateau is to climb it.  


An effective workout routine challenges your body and mind while giving you results. 

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