How Julius Caesar Conquered Us

Posted on 20 June 2017

How Julius Caesar Conquered Us | Poetic Gangster

"It is better to Create then to Learn! Creating is the Essence of Life"

- Julius Caesar 


Not long ago the Poetic Gangster team travelled to Rome. It was only then did we understand the true meaning of the saying 'The Eternal City'. The Romans believed that no matter how many other Empires were built or cities that flourished, Rome would live on forever, and they were right. Rome is still alive like no other city.
The History and culture that is perched on every corner is like no other city in the World. So of course we had to incorporate Rome in our New Collection, with its Rich History, the Inspiration was endless.

We believe Street Wear should be a statement. It should be Inspirational. Which leads us to why we chose Julius Caesar as our main influence in our Roman Collection.

Julius Caesar was ahead of his time in so many ways. A Politician, General, philosopher and Author. He also played a critical roll in the rise of the Roman Empire. Every day of our lives has been influenced by Julius Caesar. Other famous leaders like Napoleon studied the works of Caesar. He influenced the words 'Leader' and 'Tzar'. The month of July was also renamed Julius in honour of him. And we can also thank him for our leap day every 4 years. So I think we can all understand why Cleopatra, the Queen of Egypt fell for his charms. 

So its only natural he has influenced street wear. Here at Poetic Gangster we are bringing history back to life with some awesome Julius Caesar art work. Printed on our classic Sweaters, Hoodies and Tees both in Womens and Mens. With some appearances from Nero and Livia Drusilla who was also an Empress of Rome.  

So when your walking down the street in one of our Tees or Sweaters let Julius Caesar see how he has Influenced 2017 and help him live on thousands of Years later.  

"I Came, I Saw, I Conquered" Julius Caesar  (Even in 2017)


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