Why The Foodie Loving Gym Hating Girls Are Thanking Kylie Jenner!

Posted on 16 May 2017

Lets face it Kylie Jenner is a powerful trend setter. Whatever Kylie wears, millions follow.

Don't get us wrong, we know leggings have been around long before Kylie Jenner was even born. The best example is of coarse Rod Stewart.  Rod loved his lycra leggings on stage running around with his pancake bum in plain site for everyone to admire. And how can we forget the beautiful Olivia Newton John who in the classic Grease wore her famous high waisted lycra skin tight leggings that gave every teenage boy around the world heart palpitations .


But unfortunately those days are over. Now we wear leggings, looking like we are off to the gym for a grueling workout when really we are headed to a fancy burger joint . How did this happen you ask ? Well putting aside that the biggest influence of our time, the Miss Kylie Jenner is the number one culprit of this fake exercise assemble, lets look back to who really started it .


Drum roll please...the one-of-a-kind, ahead of her time and flexible 80's icon who conquered a man dominated industry, Jane Fonda. In the year of 1982 Jane Fonda released her first fitness video,  'Jane Fonda's workout video' not only was it the most highest selling video of all time but it paved the way for women in the fitness industry and kick started a trend that the miss Kyle Jenner would carry on into the future of workout wear.


Jane Fonda proved that we didn't have to dress as if we were in mourning when working out. We could look happy in an array of bright colors and mismatch outfits, that not only made us feel sexy but empowered as women and still be taken seriously while getting fit. 
Now in 2017 for the gym hating foodie lovers, who lets face it aren't complaining, are still invited in this fitness club because thanks to Kylie Jenner putting on our leggings doesn't necessarily mean you have to go sweat your tits off .


We can wear leggings and look like Sporty Spice, feeling cool and go eat a burger and in fact you will be praised for being on trend and a fashion setter. Crazy! I don't think this was Jane Fonda's goal but hey we still say thank you Jane Fonda for paving a way for women in fitness.


And, we say thank you also to Kylie Jenner, for allowing us to join the fitness club without even working out half the time .


So next time you wiggle into your leggings appreciate that you have the choice, whether your going to go eat a burger or hit the gym who cares its 2017 and its an amazing time for women in the fitness world thanks to these icons so enjoy it!!  

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