How to amplify your workouts for increased performance

Posted on 22 June 2017

How to amplify your workouts for increased performance | Poetic Gangster Clothing

Life gets busy and your time at the gym is valuable and sometimes your performance isn't the best. Our bodies get use to a certain exercise routine or sometimes we just get bored. Whatever the reason, here's a few tweaks to amplify your workout and increase your performance tight now.


 1. Switch to Mornings 

If you're a late night gym goer or like to go to the gym after work, switching to mornings will burn 20% more calories. Not to mention kick starting your metabolism and giving you a head start on the day ahead. Plus when you get home from work you can just chill and relax in your sweats

Resource: The Miracle Morning 


2. Prepare your body

It can be tempting to skip the stretching and prepping stage of your workout but studies have shown your performance almost doubles and it also prepares your mind for the workout ahead getting you into a different head space.

Resource: Muscle Preparation 


3. Interval Training

Varying and Controlling your intensity has shown to burn more fat than any other exercise because just when your body is in recovery it has to work hard again burning more fat. Create a circuit and change your intensity from high to low on every cycle. 


Resource: Interval Training 


4. Mindset

Changing your mindset will 100% amplify your workout because our performance is linked to what we believe we are and what we think we can do. So start listening to motivational podcasts or repeat positive affirmations because your performance lies within yourself. 

Resource: How to love exercise: The Crucial Mindset


The key to keeping our bodies and minds on top of our workouts is constantly tweaking our routines and mindset. Watch your performance soar when you amplify your workout. 


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