Movie Review: Sneakerheadz

Posted on 11 August 2017

Review: Sneakerheadz The Movie | Poetic Gangster

Sneakerheadz is a must see for every streetwear enthusiast. The documentary examines and shows just how far people will go to their hands on a pair of collectible sneakers. After watching the entertaining world of Sneakerheadz, I must admit I'm a total convert. I get it. The colors, artwork, design, materials and the whole look coming together with a pair of shoes, it's alluring to say the least.


Review: Sneakerheadz The Movie | Poetic Gangster

The sneaker obsession began in the 90's, the golden age when collections were just beginning to grow and collectors started seeing growth in auction prices. From the streets of California, New Jersey and Tokyo we're shown independent stores and private collections of prized sneakers and their custodians.

The most passionate Sneakerheadz seem to be the streetwear lovers of Japan. Their style being more experimental and adventurous, one store owner explaining he likes leopard and pink together.


Review: Sneakerheadz The Movie | Poetic Gangster


I must admit, I did feel gush of envy when I saw vaulted safes and hidden passageways lit up with a vast array of colorful sneakers. Like bottles of wine in a cellar, you could tell these sneaker connoisseurs take their obsession seriously. Then there was the Nike and Adidas designers giving kids and celebrities the chance to design their own unique piece of wearable art. Ideas and colors swirled in my head.


The documentary also touches on the dark side of the sneaker obsession. Kids getting beaten up and going home shoe-less. There have also been deaths related to the sneaker obsession. Sneakerheadz respectfully handles this subject while giving the families a voice.

Sneakerheadz captures the sneaker obsession perfectly, from it's beginnings in hip hop culture to modern day collectors. Sneakerheadz, the movie is a must see for all streetwear and sneaker lovers of the world.

Sneakerheadz is currently playing on Netfilx.


Review: Sneakerheadz The Movie | Poetic Gangster

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