The Evolution of Street Style Fashion

Posted on 10 July 2017

The Evolution of Street Style Fashion | Poetic Gangster

Street style fashion has evolved over the decades. The evolution has evolved from the streets at fashion shows, social media, fashion bloggers, selfies and hip hop culture. Here is a brief history of street style fashion.


Where it all started 

Street style photography seemed to appear out of nowhere when a photographer from took pictures of showgoers before a show and how fascinated we have been ever since. The beginning of street style fashion had begun and the evolution and story of street style fashion keeps growing. 

No longer were the clothes at the fashion shows centre stage. The insatiable appetite of fashion lovers now wanted to know what the quirky fashion tribe were wearing to the show.

It wasn't long after that fateful Milan fashion show that photographers were hunting down the fashion on the streets outside the shows and showing off unique pairings of fashion pieces, a mixture of high-end fashion and casual chic. 


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Street Style Fashion Photographers | Poetic Gangster

Image via Vogue

But was street fashion so undocumented? After all, Bill Cunningham from The New York Times had been photographing the fashion on the streets of New York for decades. A documentary about Bill's life showcased his process and passion for his art and just how unique New Yorkers were when it came to their clothes. 


Social Media

There is no doubt the emergence of social media including Instagram which is mainly visual has played a hand in the rise of street style fashion. Bloggers like The Sartorialist started documenting the street style of Paris and Tokyo. Other bloggers jumped on the bandwagon and a new young hip online crowd was created, hungry for fashion inspo from around the world. 

street style photo | Poetic Gangster

Image via Vogue

Some of the allure of street style fashion photography came from the outrageous outfits juxtaposed in the ordinary. Pictures had people in the background going about their normal day to day errands. The fashionistas in crazy colorful outfits, works of art no doubt but somehow out of place and not fitting in. Maybe this was the appeal, haven't we all felt different and like we stood out?

And I'm sure most of the interest in street style fashion is inspirational. Don't we all wish we could mix and match designer clothes and wear works of wearable art? It wasn't just the money and sheer extravagance of the designer set but also the guts and confidence these people had. People scroll, tap, swipe and like because they wish they could do, wear and be some of these people.



A new generation now live and swear by the selfie and are now street style fashionista's in their own right. The popularity of the selfie has caused a street style fascination with Instagram stars mentioning who they're wearing and how. Not just reserved for top bloggers but ordinary folk are taking selfies and showing the world they're here and they're proud.

 Kim Kardashian Selfie

 Selfie by Kim Kardashian West 

Everyone's a Model

To see personalities and not just models wearing fashion was refreshing, to say the least. In the 90's there was the rise of the supermodel, the Lynda Evangelista's and Claudia Schiffer's of the world. We weren't exposed so much to regular people or people behind the scenes wearing fashion. Now everyone has a camera and is a model. Bloggers do their own street style fashion shoots. Instagram stars get sent free clothes and take their own pics. And of course, ordinary people taking selfies of themselves. We all have a part to play. 


Hip Hop Street Style

Hip Hop Street Fashion became mainstream after the 90's wave of cool took over. There was crop tops and sweaters by Tommy Hilfiger, DKNY sweaters, Aaliyah and TLC. The street style of New York and LA had spread like wildfire and gone mainstream. Hip Hop was no longer dirty and underground and it's fashion had become the cool 'thang' for teens and young somethings. 

 Tommy Hilfiger Sweater | Poetic Gangster

Celebrities who were now rappers and singers wore they're swag proud and were photographed in the tabloids. Paparazzi satisfied the Hunger for the public to see their favorite singers and hip hop stars rocking their swag and gold chains. 

 DKNY Sweater | Poetic Gangster



Street Style Fashion Today

Street style fashion today has evolved to complete freedom of expression. Never has their been a time where you can find your tribe so easy online. Bloggers satisfy the mega hits of millions of streets style fashion hunters and lovers. The new tech savvy generation are on social media, they read and are influenced by bloggers but they follow the beat of their own fashion drum today. Long live Street Style Fashion.


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