The four ultimate questions to ask when buying a hoodie

Posted on 09 September 2018

The four ultimate questions to ask when buying a hoodie | Poetic Gangster

If you love your streetwear and hoodies too, you know purchasing a new piece is an important decision. Every addition to the wardrobe is and should be thought out.

Classic hoodies and shirts can last years and some brands only get better with age. 

So here are the four ultimate questions to ask when buying that hoodie:

  1. Where and how are you are going to wear it: Is the hoodie for the gym, home, work or maybe just to lounge in. Determining value depends on where are you going to wear it. A hoodie for the gym differs from a hoodie to sleep in. How you will wear your latest purchase is an important factor.
  2. Is it worth it: The cost of streetwear can range dramatically and it can be tempting to buy a luxurious piece of fashion without fully thinking through a decision. Make sure you can afford your commitment and you're not going to suffer for your fashion. An investment piece you will love for years to come with lots of wear is always a good idea, so think long-term and you can't go wrong.
  3. Quality: The materials can be different depending on the brand but often price can give you an idea of quality. Depending on your budget always buy the best quality you can afford. Buying online can be difficult in determining quality and reviews can help so always buy from a reputable store. 
  4. Design: The artwork and brand are important. Simple and classic will always last and ultimately you have to love the design because you'll be the one wearing it. 

There's nothing like making a fashion investment where you get returns that last so make your next hoodie or streetwear purchase a careful one. 



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