The Power Of Snapbacks

Posted on 16 May 2017

Can you feel the history when you're wearing your snapback? Because you should... 


Snapbacks are just one of those things in life that clicked and you wish you were around when it began.
Not only did it become a fashion statement beginning with baseball but it became iconic. It became a symbol of downtown Los Angeles and New York in the 90's (gee nothing beats the 90's right?), let me tell you here at Poetic Gangster's headquarters , we have few peeps that watched Straight Out Of Compton and became clinically depressed calling there parents asking why they hadn't been born earlier because when n.w.a. was performing they were learning the alphabet.  


I guess what where trying to tell you is that your wearing a piece of history on your head, Feel it. Where it. Love it . With our new snapbacks we tried to stay respectful of the traditional design of the hat and kept our graphics simple as the hat itself is the true masterpiece of rap history.


Here at Poetic Gangster we are always inspired by the history of all things street style. Street style is a symbol of freedom and self expression. Its something that no body can take away from you .


People communicate through their clothes and especially snapbacks, You choose what you want to communicate to the world . Something so second nature to you is actually so powerful and a true symbol of something that has empowered people and there communities .


We hope you enjoyed our post.
PG Team xx

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