The Magic of the Medusa and a New Streetwear Collection

Posted on 12 February 2018

The Magic of Medusa and a New Streetwear Collection | Poetic GangsterThe Medusa has been an enduring symbol of style, madness and imagination. From Versace's famous Medusa head which represented high fashion and style to Carravaggio's maddening masterpiece, the Medusa, captivates our imagination and inspires all artists alike.

The history of the Medusa dates back to Greek mythology. Medusa had a head full of serpents and anyone who set eyes on her was said to turn to stone.


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Streetwear and The Medusa

Rather than turning stone, we hope our new tees, turn heads! How could we resist? Snakes and serpent green with a hint of gold and copper come together to bring you unique t-shirts for men and women. We're going high octane baroque. Poetic Gangster's new collection will be a modern take on the baroque and rococo past.


The New Collection 

Poetic Gangster's creative twist on the Medusa is coming soon. A streetwear collection inspired by art, history, Versace, Dolce and Gabbana and of course the Medusa. 

Follow us to see when we launch our new Baroque and Medusa collection. 


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