Top Fashion Trends for Men in 2017

Posted on 11 September 2017

Top Fashion Trends for Men in 2017 | Poetic Gangster

While 2016 may have been a year of mens fashion attempting to outdo itself, with designers falling head over heels in love with extravagant patterns and fabrics, trying to come up with hybrid sensibilities for a modern age – 2017 will likely mark a return to classic, basic style as well as a return of classic formalwear to the office and semi-casual environments.


Designers do have a pulse on both the consumer economy as well as marketing trends – we can expect 2017 to be much more conventionally dapper year for stylish gents.


A Return to Form and Substance

The first few suggestions to be made here pertain to formalwear and particular facets of business and formalwear – the staple of a traditional menswear designer's collection.

Particular attention should be paid to color, cut, and features of garments rather than in their largest aesthetic compositions.

  • A two-button suit is simply a must have for 2017 – the two button suit is easily the most flattering cut for larger men, and suits all shapes and sizes with a flattering, more tapered silhouette. It also displays a great deal more of your shirt and necktie!
  • Pinstripes, all the rage the past few years, may have to take a back seat to more traditional solids and, in many cases, windowpane patterned blazers. While pinstripes are still extremely popular and acceptable, a return to classical patterns and colours will be obvious in many collections.
  • With regards to colour, expect a great deal of softer pastels to be featured during the summer collections for men – both in designer fashions as well as in retail locations. The vibrant neons and sizzling colours of the last few years will have lost some of their impact, though they will still draw many sales in some collections and younger men will still find them available.


The Casual Wear Blues

Formal and business wear will not  only be the facet of fashion for men but will be impacted by a starkly different 2017 – casual wear will also be seen as an enormous shift towards practicality due to current conditions.

  • Vintage clothing will see a massive resurgence in the smart casual category – due to the fact that many men will no doubt see an opportunity to save a few dollars by bargain shopping through second-hand boutiques and thrift stores. Vintage clothing has a timeless flair and the obscure patterns can offer a unique, metropolitan edge to an otherwise staid outfit.
  • Jeans, Jeans, Jeans. Denim is tough, versatile, and inexpensive to purchase. One can certainly expect the denim trend to continue with it's expansion of washes, tints, and various levels of distressing/destroying. Many men will likely, and rightly so, see denim garments as being useful both for home as well as at the office.
  • The death of the screen-printed t-shirt as a fashionable accessory. While it has been popular off-and-on for a few years now to wear a printed t-shirt along with a blazer or leather jacket, it is unlikely that this trend will continue in the retail realm. While some designers may still prefer a skin-tight screen-printed t-shirt to pair with their skinny jeans – this will certainly not carry over to a larger market. Gentleman should be on the lookout for mock-neck sweaters or jersey-knits in basic colors and patterns.
  • Curtailing of bolder trends on the dress casual scene. Elongated, pointed Italian fashioned footwear is much more likely to be replaced by typical square or rounded toe shoes and boots for the great majority of men – especially when worn with denim rather than with a suit. The recent trend toward pointed shoes held limited appeal at best, given that such shoes do not flatter men of a larger build, or men of average height or less.

While there is much that one cannot predict with any amount of certainty in this tumultuous year, the above trends will likely bear through. Everything that was old is new again, however, and that applies just as much to the vintage trends that are seeing a resurgence currently from the 1970's and 80's as well as the bolder fashion palette we have been dealing with over the course of the last five or six years. Any quality garment that still fits should be held on to, even if it is no longer in the spotlight, with this time-tested maxim in mind.


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