Trend Alert: Greek Key on Streetwear

Posted on 28 July 2017

Trend Alert: Greek Key | Poetic Gangster Streetwear Clothing

The classic lines and sophistication of the Greek Key pattern are the new trend in streetwear. Famous with high end couture brands like Versace, the Greek Key is here to stay. The key to a funky wardrobe seems to be in the Greek Key. 


Trend Alert: Greek Key

Versace Spring/Summer

It's not surprising streetwear has taken it's cues from the high end fashion labels. There is just something about the classic pattern. Maybe it's ancient roots and European influences make it so appealing. 


History of The Greek Key

The Meandor pattern or Greek Key as we know it, took it's name from The Iliad by Homer, named after the Meandor River in Greece. Cherished in Ancient Greece it was a symbol representing eternity with its connected repetitive chains linking one after another.

Greek Key design in ancient art


The eternal symbol spread to Ancient Rome where it was weaved into mosaics and art. Today the Greek Key is used by fashion houses for its designs and logos.

Versace Greek Key Design | Poetic Gangster Streetwear


With the rise of streetwear, the Greek Key design is having a moment. The revival has meant brands like Stussy are using the classic pattern to their advantage. 


 Trend Alert: Greek Key on Streetwear | Poetic Gangster

The Greek Key pattern is versatile and comes in many different forms, double knotted and single chained, either way the effect is simple and classically understated. 

Streetwear such as tshirts, hoodies and sweaters are now displaying different variations of the Greek Key and winning over streetwear collectors from around the world. 


Trend Alert: Greek Key on Streetwear | Poetic Gangster

Poetic Gangster Greek Key Tee 


So what are you waiting for? Shop Streetwear with Greek Key today. 

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