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Posted on 29 June 2017

Unique Mens Hoodies | Poetic Gangster

Searching for unique hoodies? Like being a little different and going against the crowd? Unique hoodies are the ultimate fashion statement for men.

They compliment  perfectly with jeans, making a casual yet sophisticated street style look. 

"Don't be afraid of being different, be afraid of being the same as everyone else." Unknown


What makes a unique hoodie unique?

  • Front design is simple, understated and yet unlike anything you've seen.
  • Back design catches you by surprise or makes you think. 
  • Brand. There are so many unique and exclusive brands releasing amazing hoodies these days.
  • Material. A focus on quality with comfy and cozy materials. 
  • Fit. Unique hoodies hug and mold the body.
  • The designers. Underground, young and up-coming designers usually design amazing and unique hoodies. 
  • Country of origin. Different cultures have different takes on street wear so be adventurous and choose from a large array of mens hoodies from around the world.


Pull over the hood of a unique hoodie from Poetic Gangster and know that you're wearing exclusive and collectible street wear. 

Shop Unique Mens Hoodies at Poetic Gangster. 


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