Why Real Men Wear Pink

Posted on 27 June 2017

Why Real Men Where Pink | Poetic Gangster
The Poetic Gangster Team loves a man in Pink and here are just a few Reasons why:
1. Pink compliments any skin tone 
Yep, you heard it here first. The colors we wear can have a massive effect on the appearance of our skin color, especially the Face. Some colors can be harsher than others and can wash us out. Whether you have olive skin or a pale skin tone, there is a color out there for you that complements your features like no other. Pink is one of those very few colors that actually suits all skin tones. It's a soft color and can come in a range of different shades. Our Sweaters at Poetic Gangster come in a Beautiful Light Pastel Pink that compliment anyone.
2. Pink is the Future and its here to Stay 
Pink is that color that is always used in Fashion and Design. It never goes out of fashion. I always on trend and is always relevant, no matter what the season. The biggest fashion houses from Dolce & Gabbana to Versace have an array of Pink toned Mens Clothing. Europe is the home of Design and Style so they know a thing or two about whats cool and whats not in Fashion and Pink is one of the biggest colors for men. Its also seen as Masculine.   
3. The Ladies will take you more seriously in Pink
Women Love Pink. Colors can represent Emotions or a Mood of a person so when a Woman sees a Man in Pink, it instantly can change a first impression. Think about it. If a Woman meets a Man in a bar wearing a Black jacket, instincts will automatically set in and and a woman can become cautious. But if a Woman meets a man in a Pastel Pink Tee, a Woman feels an association and a common ground. Pink is a soft innocent color and men are seen as more sensitive, confident, stylish and trustworthy. 
4. Pink has History like no other Color
The color pink was not always the color that distinguishes between a Girl and Boy. In the 18th Century, pink was worn by very high ranked individuals and actually was quiet a masculine color. Till this day, pink in Japan is still considered masculine and is associated with the festival of the Cherry Blossom which is said to represent the fallen Warriors in battle (samurai). Pink has been found to also be present in Ancient Egypt and also through out the Roman Empire using a European Herb called Madder to dye fabrics in order to produce and array of different pinks. 
5. If it wasn't cool Celebrities wouldn't be wearing it
Pink is everywhere in Hollywood. Maybe its because Celebrities are confident and can get away with any Color. Or maybe its just simple Pink is Cool. Pink will always have a deeper meaning that any other Color. We have proved that pink can represent so many things from first Impressions to Representing a Mood and Feeling. From Kanye West in his famous Pink Polos to Drake who seems to love Pink, We think Pink is here to stay.
In Conclusion, we think the color Pink represents Gender Equality. Why should a color only be for one Gender? A color shouldn't be a representation of one gender. Its time to throw out the old traditions and get with the times.
So to all the Men out there, wear pink and wear it with pride. Remember that you're wearing a Color that is actually a powerful masculine statement that can also represent Gender Equal Rights in Fashion.  

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