Why the Basic White Tee will never go out of fashion

Posted on 09 September 2017

Why the basic White Tee will never go out of fashion | Poetic Gangster

The basic white t-shirt is a staple for any girl or guys wardrobe and they're especially perfect because they never go out of fashion. They are classic, modern and ever evolving with the times. Not just for the gym or a workout, the basic white tee is now hitting the streets and an investment piece everyone needs to get their hands on.


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Here's why the basic white tee will never go out of fashion:

  • Easy fashion will always be in: Anything you can put on that's easy and simple to wear will always be a favorite with fashionistas. 
  • Anybody can wear them: It doesn't matter what size or height you are, anybody call pull off a white tee which is why they're so popular.
  • Graphic Tees: The white t-shirt is contestant being redesigned every season and year by designers from around the world. The classics never die, they only get reinvented. 
  • White tees are affordable: Why spend hundreds of dollars on new fashion pieces when you can recycle a basic tee and buy tons more! 
  • White never goes out of fashion: It's true! its flattering on everyone and a classic color. 
  • Versatility: You can dress up a white tee and tuck into a skirt or wear to the gym. White t-shirts are versatile and go from casual to chic in an instant. 
  • Celebrities like Roxy Jacenko and Kylie Jenner are advocates: And it's not just celebrities, the big fashion houses like Chanel are constantly coming out with new lines of basic tees with a twist. 
The basic white tee need not be boring and simple. Be an individual and get creative with a basic white tee today.  



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