Why we are still obsessed with ancient Rome

Posted on 20 June 2017

Why we are still obsessed with ancient Rome | Poetic Gangster

Our fascination with Ancient Rome has not faded in centuries if not millennia. We still make movies and mini series featuring our favorite Gladiators and Emperors. Rome is still the number one destination for tourists. The Colosseum being one of the most visited monuments every year with up to 6 million tourists.

But what exactly is it we are obsessed with? What makes Ancient Rome still so interesting even now in the 21st century? Here are some reasons I think why we're still obsessed with the Romans. 


Mastery of War

They mastered conquering and did it well. The soldiers of ancient Rome were the most disciplined and well trained in history. Their strategies and tactics are still studied today. We still quote Caesars famous saying 'I came, I saw, I conquered.'



The brutality and sheer power of the Emperors has captured our imaginations for centuries. Fact or fiction, we just cant get enough of the intoxicating stories of the Roman Emperors and generals. 



So the 80's and many other times in history have been known to be decadent but nothing compares to the Romans. Dripping wine and gold, orgies and nearly killing off many species in the name of entertainment. There's just something about the Romans having no boundaries that excites us. 



When you study and admire the buildings, monuments, roads and bridges of the Romans, you realize they were a force to be reckoned with. They were amazing problem solvers which is why most of their buildings are still standing today. 


The Art

Craftsmanship and artistry runs through the veins of ancient Rome. Murals and mosaics were beatifically created and copied by masters for thousands of years. We still marvel at the skills of artists long gone.


While we are left the remnants of an ancient civilization still revered today, our fascination will live on forever. 

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